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21 May 2019

From Morocco to the UK on a Single Tank of Fuel

In my previous blog post I covered how hybrid technology is making its way into the world's most expensive super cars and how those super cars essentially employ electric motors to fill the torque gap of the petrol engines at low RPM.

This time we look at another aspect of hybrids; fuel economy.

Is it possible to drive a super-frugal Mercedes-Benz E300 BlueTEC Hybrid from Africa to the UK on one tank of diesel? Hybrids deliver amazing fuel economies but is it even possible to consider such a long trip on a single tank?

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Supercars Superhybrids

Hybrids are no longer boring cars for boring people, there is an incredible new breed of supercars that employ cutting-edge electric motors in order to supplement petrol engines in order to achieve amazing accelerations and top speeds.

To the consumer, supercars represent the ultimate dream machines. Fast, sexy, and very highly priced. To automakers, they are showcases for the very best engineering a company can achieve and the newest technology it has mastered. 

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Geneva Motor Show 2014 Round Up

The Geneva Motor Show started during the first week of March, and ran for almost two weeks. It is widely regarded as one of the most important events on the motoring calendar – and is an opportunity for manufacturers to debut some of their newest, most exciting cars. All the big car makers are there, from Alfa Romeo to Volvo – with everything in between.

This year the show brought a raft of new production and concept cars plus many big automotive technology announcements. Watch the two video round-ups of everything you need to know about the 2014 version of one of the biggest car events on the planet.

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Cruise Control Stuck at 140 Km/h

According to local media sources in the UAE, police rushed into action earlier this week to help a driver whose cruise control jammed at 140kph on the Emirates Road highway leaving him unable to slow the car down. Dubai Police said they received a call from an Emirati motorist, telling them the cruise control on his Infiniti G25 had malfunctioned as he was driving.

Four police patrols were sent to clear the road ahead of the speeding vehicle. Ultimately the driver lost control of his vehicle which apparently entered the sandy area beside the road and then slowed down until it stopped. The vehicle was transferred to the Dubai Police garage to investigate why the cruise control failed.  

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Toyota will Kill the FJ Cruiser in 2014

Toyota has quietly slipped in the news that a limited-run version of the FJ Cruiser unveiled at the Detroit Auto Show will be among the last FJ Cruiser models produced. Toyota says it is ending regular FJ Cruiser production at the end of the 2014 model year, but also will build 2,500 of the special Trail Teams Ultimate Edition.

In 2003 Toyota unveiled the FJ Cruiser concept at the Chicago Auto Show. The retro inspired design was immediately popular (although as many people hated it as loved it). From the very beginning it was clear that the FJ Cruiser was the grandson of the original FJ-40. The white roof, wrap around rear windows, and front grille are all very reminiscent of the original Land Cruiser. 

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James Bond Skyfall Aston Martin Made by a 3D Printer

The Aston Martin DB5 is a classic piece of machinery, and it was featured in earlier James Bond films like Goldfinger and Thunderball over 50 years ago. The car also made an appearance in the latest Bond movie, Skyfall, where it exploded into flames during an intense action scene.

However, what you saw in the movie was actually a 1:3 scale 3D-printed model of a DB5. You can't just take a priceless real DB5 and blow it up on film, so the filmmakers turned to a high-tech prop solution: 3D printing.

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