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20 May 2019

Cruise Control Stuck at 140 Km/h

According to local media sources in the UAE, police rushed into action earlier this week to help a driver whose cruise control jammed at 140kph on the Emirates Road highway leaving him unable to slow the car down. Dubai Police said they received a call from an Emirati motorist, telling them the cruise control on his Infiniti G25 had malfunctioned as he was driving.

Four police patrols were sent to clear the road ahead of the speeding vehicle. Ultimately the driver lost control of his vehicle which apparently entered the sandy area beside the road and then slowed down until it stopped. The vehicle was transferred to the Dubai Police garage to investigate why the cruise control failed.  

Officials at the Dubai Roads and Transport Authority said they had received 31 complaints about failed cruise controls prior to this latest incident, according to a recent report in Arabic newspaper Emarat Alyoum. However, all the cars were found to be working fine. 

In July last year, an Emirati woman faced a similar incident in her Lexus when the cruise control locked. Three police patrols rushed to the scene. A police car drove in front of her and acted as a buffer to force the malfunctioning car to stop.

What to do if your accelerator or cruise control gets stuck?

A quick search on the web suggests you follow these steps:

  1. Decouple the engine from the transmission by shifting to neutral (N), if you are driving a manual transmission car remember to press the clutch. Do not worry about the engine exceeding the maximum RPM because the rev limiter will stop it from doing so
  2. Press the breaks and stop on a safe spot on the side of the road, then switch off the engine 
  3. If step 1 does not work press the breaks very swiftly and firmly, pressing the breaks lightly or progressively will not work because most likely you will fry or burn the brake pads before the vehicle can stop
  4. If step 3 does not work, turn off the engine and press the breaks keeping in mind that you will lose power steering as well as the effect of the break booster but your driving wheel will not lock as long as you do not take the key out


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