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18 June 2019

2015 Motor Trend Best Driver's Car

First let us ask ourselves, what is a best driver's car, how do you define it, how do you run the comparison and what makes a particular car a "Best Driver's Car" for any particular year? Is it performance, is it excitment, is it how it inspires confidence, or is it about aesthetics? Well maybe all of the above! 

Here's how the competition works. Each year MT asks all the manufacturers for their hottest new sporty metal. Hot hatches, performance sedans, muscle cars, sports cars supercars, hypercars, it does not matter. Some auto makers such as General Motors, always seem to say yes, Others may say no. That explains why some very exciting new cars like Acura NSX, Audi R8, Ferrari 488 GTB, and Ford GT are not in the competition.

Once all the cars arrive the tests start, stuff like 0-60 mph, the quarter mile, 60-0 mph braking, and MT's patented figure-eight test. Next, the cars were taken to Highway 198 -which was closed for the sake of the tests by the California Highway Patrol- the cars were driven time and again up and down the hill on the closed highway to get the feel of how they handle on the road. After that, all the contenders showed up at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca where professional race car driver Randy Pobst sets a fast lap in each.

Once all the various data points were collected, the editorial staff sits down for a voting session and voila the Moter Trend Bast Driver's Car is selected and all the contenders are ranked. 

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How Hackable Are Our Cars?

car hackerAll modern cars employ many small computers or microprocessros to control the behaviour and the performance of everything from fuel injection timing to stability control and from streaming music to navigation. Those computers are connected together via a network or a bus but also connected to the outside world by way of Bluetooth, WiFi, GPS, wireless car key etc.

So is it possible that someone can gain access to your in car network and manipulate how those computers behave or change the software the controls them?

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2015 Geneva Motor Show Round Up

girls at genevaThis year's Geneva Motor Show has been a special one, hosting the announcements for an usually large number of special cars.

Everything from McLaren's P1 GTR to the Koenigsegg Regera, a 1,500-horsepower hybrid capable of chewing up and spitting out virtually everything else on the road. Oh, and the very last Bugatti Veyron was shown here after a ten-year run.

Geneva has always been a darling of car manufacturers and this year's edition doesn't disappoint. Production debuts range from facelifted models like the BMW 1-Series hatch and spicy-hot additions to existing lineups such as the Honda Civic Type R and Lamborghini Aventador SV to completely new cars, including the Skoda Superb and Renault Kadjur. On the concept car front, there's plenty to get excited about, from Audi's Prologue Avant to NanoFlowcell's 1,090PS Quant F and Infiniti's QX30 Crossover.

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2014 LA Auto Show Round Up

This is your guide to all the premieres taking place at the 2014 Los Angeles Auto Show that went in full swing on November 17.

Some of the more interesting debuts at this year's event include the 450hp Cadillac ATS-V Coupe, Audi's concept car that previews the brand's new design language and the Mazda CX-3 Concept for a small crossover.

Also making their world premiere to the Los Angeles Convention Center are the facelifted Cadillac ELR, Mazda6 and Mazda CX-5 (we just received confirmation on these models). VW, Jaguar, Ford and Porsche will also debut new models.

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2014 Motor Trend Best Driver's Car

First here are the ten contenders in alphabetical order: Alfa Romeo 4C, BMW i8, BMW M4, Chevrolet Camaro Z/28, Ford Fiesta ST, Jaguar F-Type R Coupe, Nissan GT-R Nismo, Porsche 911 Turbo S, Subaru STI, and Volkswagen GTI. Something for everyone and for every budget¬ $25K up to $190K. Sadly, older cars are ineligible; otherwise the first-gen Mazda Miata would have embarrassed quite a few of the newbies. 

But how can a hatchback like the Ford Fiesta ST compete with a plug-in hybrid supercar like the BMW i8? That is because MT Best Driver's Car isn't simply about numbers. Instead, Best Driver's Car is all about determining which new car is the best to drive on both the road and track. 

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Paris Motor Show 2014 Round Up

While probably not as bountiful as this year's Geneva Motor Show, Europ's second big expo in Paris proved to be an immensely interesting and busy show with 57 unveilings.

 Watch the video for some of the most important unveilings. As always, this list may not necessarily reflect a vehicle's overall importance to the market, but it focuses on what caught most eyes as being the quite unique, interesting, or show stopping.

 So, what made the cut in the 2014 Paris Motor Show? Take a look.

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